Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birthday Girl

Ahh, July.  My birthday month.  This year I turn 40.  The big 4-0.  For years and years, I dreaded this quickly approaching time.  Actually I more than dreaded it.  I loathed the idea of it.

But in my 39th year I have been granted the gift of perspective.  For the next 26 days I am going to totally enjoy being a 30 something, but on that day that I turn 40, I am going to welcome it with arms wide open.  Will I still bitch about the development of more wrinkles and grey hairs?  Of course.  But that number that has loomed over my head will no longer own me.  I plan on making 40 my time! 

1 comment: said...

I'm 35 and I have to say that it kinda scares me. I find myself wanting to follow more 40-something bloggers hoping to ease into it a little more gracefully.