Thursday, March 3, 2011

New job

I can say with 110% certainty, I love Hubby's new job! We realized very early on with his last job that it just wasn't going to work out and things quickly went from bad to down right miserable. To say the year we spent with that company was a nightmare would be an understatement!

What it did do was give Hubby a job title that parlayed into other job opportunities. So much so that two of the largest companies involved in health care got into a little bidding war for the Hubs. Ultimately, we went with the job that offered less money. Yes, LESS money. Granted it was more than we were making, but visions of being debt free in one swoop went out the window.

It was a search your heart moment for us. Many prayers were said. Our family simply could not afford, emotionally and financially, to endure another year like the previous. So we really had to weigh all options carefully. More money=travel every Tuesday morning through Thursday evening. No exceptions. No change to the days gone period BUT more money to dig ourselves out of the mess from the previous year. Less money=less money and let's all be for real and admit that money is a HUGE draw to a job. BUT it also had a team of people that Hubby really felt he connected with. It had more opportunity to grow as an employee. It also had less travel. And ultimately, we are family people. We want to spend as many evenings together around the dinner table that we can. Hubby wants to be more than a weekend parent. There isn't a price tag for that. And I am so thankful we followed our hearts.

eta: I wrote this and didn't hit publish. Part of me wondered if it was too personal to talk "money" and if I wanted to share that, but after reading one of my fellow bloggers recent post I felt the need to share.

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Just Ask Beth said...

I can so relate.. I agree, money isn't everything, but it sure does help!! I would rather survive on a little less and have a husband and father around!! Our families are our everything.. good choice.. we are progressing along, but I too left a lucrative job (STRESSOR) with 3 girls to manage also, started a small catering business and a part time job.. I am so much happier but it has been hard, but I see the light!!