Monday, June 6, 2011


Lately, I have come to a couple of conclusions about things:

1. While I like a maxi dress, I hate, hate, hate seeing someone wearing one and it completely dragging the ground. For some reason it just grosses me out and all I can think about is how dirty the hem is!

2. People will take as much as you give.

3. End of school year is wack-o crazy! Some people wonder why I choose not to take clients during this time of year more than I ever and I remember why!

4. Birdie may make me eat my words about never being a competition dance mom. That girl loved having her time to shine on stage. During her recital finale, I thought they may have to get out the 'ole hook to get her off stage.

5. Last, but certainly not least, people need to discipline their children. Seriously. I'm not talking about beating them, but disciplining them. I was grocery shopping in Publix yesterday and finally just had to check out and leave without finish shopping! A little boy and his mother and grandparents were shopping too. After watching him run crazy, the final straw was when he climbed.into.the.milk.display. I'm not kidding! After 3 children one thing I can tell you about parenting, children like boundaries. It may not seem like it at first and yes, it is more work to not give into your children and hold strong. But years down the road your children will appreciate all that extra work you gave to raising them.


The Pink Owl said...

Totally agree about the maxi dresses! It is so gross when they drag the ground! I saw a lady in the grocery store and her's was trailing the dirty, nasty floor. It made me nauseous.

Just Ask Beth said...

seriously would have lost my shit!! Sometimes I will say something, like OMG!did you know your(satanic) son is in the MILK display!!??