Friday, March 11, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Macho Man got his first hair cut last week and it made me a little sad. He went to the barber shop with my Daddy and Hubby.....and I didn't go. Shocker, I know. But my Daddy never had a boy and I know taking a boy to the barber shop is a big deal for a man and I wanted the three of them to have this moment. He left here a baby and came back all big boy looking!

2. This week has been crazy busy with work. I have two brides right now that are paralyzed by decision making. As in, can't even decide what songs to dance to or flavors of cake they like. Here's my advice to them and all brides....there's no wrong. Period. It's what you like. Yes, we want your guests to enjoy themselves, but it is unnecessary to try to plan an event worried about pleasing of your guests. They will go to many weddings during their lifetimes, but you will only have one wedding (God willing) so be sure it's a day that you love.

3. I gave up margaritas for Lent. Don't judge. It's going to be hard. Warm days with late sunsets are on the horizon. Perfect times for a margarita on the back deck. sigh.

4. I called today about attending a concealed weapons class. It's time I become comfortable with a firearm in case there is ever a need to protect myself. Luckily, I went to high school with a guy who is now an instructor and SWAT team member and he is going to help me along.

5. Lovebug had me purchase her first stick of deodorant today. She's 9!! She sweats and she hates it and I can't argue with that. I just can't believe we are already at that time.

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