Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, Monday

I've had my New Year's blog post rambling in my head for weeks now.  Well, since the New Year.  I'm not a huge "resolution" person.  I hate the idea of not being able to follow through so I just tend to stay away from resolutions all together because of it.

This year is a tad bit different. 

I'm making Monthly changes.  I can bite off just a little bit at a time rather try to do a whole overall at once.  This month it's all about trying to become more organized.  We have so much STUFF.  Hubby works from home.  I work from home.  3 kids=tons of stuff.  There's the never ending paper mountain to get through.  There's a million and one photographs to get on the wall.  Etc, etc.  This is the year that happens.  No more excuses. 

Next month is Fiscal Fast February.  Not kidding.  I started figuring up about how much we spend on going out to eat and picking up quick little snacks/treats/coffee and I wanted to be sick.  And when I say going out to eat, that's not necessarily a sit down meal.  Here's an example of a week for us:
Chick Fil A lunch  $20
Pizza Friday dinner  $35
Panera Sunday breakfast  $20
Starbucks drive through  $10

This is all before a trip to the Mexican restaurant or spirit night at a restaurant out that helps raise money for the school or another lunch out.  Nothing extravagant or crazy and in a blink we've easily spent $150 a week in going out.  Every.single.week.  And that is being on the low side if I am honest with myself.  Next month that changes.  Each week will contain an envelope with $30 inside.  That's it.  Our kids will have a voice in what meal out we will use that on.  They will get to see how their choices affect the budget.  That money doesn't just grow on trees and we need to think about purchases. I'm excited about this little project.

More on my year of tweaks to come...

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Just Ask Beth said...

us too!! we are are doing the 52 week saving plan also..$1 the first week $2 for the second and so on you save the amount of what week it is and at the end of the 52nd week you will have $1387.00 not bad huh?