Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boys vs Girls

Being a "boy mom" is truly a world of difference from being a "girl mom".  I've read a few blogs where ladies go on and on about how happy they are to be one over the other.  To be honest, I sometimes take offense to it, especially when it's moms talking about how having boys is so much better or easier.

I'm calling you out on that.

It's not easier.  It's just different.

Yes, girls have drama and all the girly issues.  I get it.  I hate it, too.  As do most other normal mothers out there.  But what message does it send all the little girls out there, one of which could marry your little prince one day no less, when we as a group of women go on and on about how much better it is to be a mom of boys because we don't have as much of the emotional baggage that seems to come with girls?

And to get real real, I'm finding being a "boy mom" to have it's own set of challenges that rivals the girl issues.  For one, they are SO much more physical.  Example:  Macho Man ran and literally slammed his mouth into the built in desk in our kitchen last week.  At 3, my son has now lost a tooth, his other front teeth are a mess and we are dealing with infection, possible fractures, etc, etc.  Why?  Because he's always running at full speed ahead.  I love that about him.  But I also know it's one of our challenges.  Two, where they aren't as emotionally verbal they seem to get much more frustrated when you can't figure out what is going on with them.  And I know as he gets older and into sports there will be a whole other bag of chips to open up (and it won't be from just other children...remember, those little girls that are "full of drama" grow up to be mamas and sometimes they are the team moms.  Think on that for a moment.)  And don't get me started on the statistics of boy bullying.  I've dealt with bullying with Lovebug and thinking about it for any of my other children makes my stomach turn.

My last two pregnancies I didn't find out what we were having.  (I wouldn't have for the first, but the Hubs was dying to know.)  I didn't find out because it didn't matter.  Boys vs Girls.  I didn't mind either way.  As long as God gave me a happy and healthy child how could I be anything but happy?  As a mom of both sexes, I have heard the "I love being a boy mom" way more than the "I love being a girl mom".  I think we owe it to all of our children to just be happy being a mom.

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Just Ask Beth said...

I totally agree. and it seems those Mom's with the boys are the Drama mama's..from experience..