Monday, September 20, 2010

status update

I wish I could blog in status update increments. Today mine would say, "Mamas don't let your daughters grow up to be bullies." or "New chapter officially begins today!" or "How is my baby boy already almost a year old?!". Obviously, we are experiencing a lot of highs and lows right now, but if the only low is the little bully then we will survive. Lovebug is just having to learn at a very early age that some girls are "mean girls" and we are going to adhere to the "rise above it" motto, even if I want to let the "mean mommy" have a earful!


Just Ask Beth said...

girl, I know what you are going through!! My daughter is constantly being lied to, manipulated and made to feel ugly and fat, by our redneck neighbor and she is 7!! We have tried that "you can't play with her anymore" but she wants to, and it really just made things difficult in the "hood"! She is slowly getting the drift! BTW, she is not fat and she is beautiful, not that that mattered.. but bully girls mom is practically anorexic and has major issues,I feel almost bad for the child!!

Just Ask Beth said...

oh yeah our "bully" like to befriend all of my girlies besties too! It really is SICK. We had a run with this couple a few years back where she accused me of trying to be the "QUEEN" of the neighborhood. I am sorry crazy bitch that people want to come to our house and watch football and NOT go to yours.. why.. cause your crazy. She had all of the neighbors thinking I was talking trash about them and you know what, they believed her at one point, but felt remorseful and apologetic when they realized it WASN'T me. That still makes me furious though that they would believe her anyway.. Closest thing to her DANIELLE from the RHNJ!!