Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mother's Room

Yesterday the Hubby and I took the opportunity to do some last minute shopping before all of the kiddos are out of school.  It's fun to have a little "date day".  At Toys R Us, I had a moment that made me pause.  It was one of those, I didn't expect that things.  I was simply walking past the Mother's Room that they set up.  I remember so vividly my time with two different babies in a room like that.  Thankful that a store recognized a new mommy may want a little privacy when feeding their child or maybe they just need a few moments to decompress with a little one.  I remember relishing those moments out and about with my tiny little babies.  Thankful to be able to go and accomplish things with them, but still be able to escape if need be for a few moments.  I realized yesterday, that the day of sneaking off to that little room is now done for me and for a brief moment my heart hurt.  I still grieve that stage of my life is over sometimes.  Yet, I am realizing too that I actually like the years after the infant/toddler ones, even the teenage stage ...even with all of it's dramas.  It's amazing to me how something so simple as a smell, song or quick glance can immediately transport you back in time.  It's also amazing how you can miss those days so much it can cause a physical ache, but you can also be madly in love with the current place of your life. 

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