Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bump Up

Today I was involved in a bump up...with a parked vehicle. Luckily, the Hubby was there to witness it with his own eyes or I don't think he would have believed how it all went down. He was as shocked as I was when he heard the horrible crunching sound because I (and he!) truly thought I had plenty of room to make my turn into a parking place. I revert to the frightened teenage girl when these things happen. My dad would completely freak out over things like this (no, not beat me, but rant and rave like the world would stop turning) and it just gets my heart racing. Of course, we went into the restaurant and found the gentleman who's car I sideswiped and exchanged info, etc. I was amazed when I was actually thanked for not driving off and letting them know what I had done. I can't even imagine leaving that mess behind! I had a brief little cry in the restaurant about it and the Hubs was super sweet per usual and I pulled myself together. After getting home from picking the girls up he told me the insurance company called and said we would have to pay a thousand dollar deductible. Well, that led to another meltdown. The silver lining? My sweet, precious 10 year old girl got up from the table as I sat there with my head buried and came up from behind to just hug me and hold onto me for a moment and to tell me it would all be ok. And you know what? She's right. I had an accident, I was called upon to do the right thing and in the mean time, my daughter showed me the compassionate young lady she is turning into. Priceless.

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Just Ask Beth said...

Poor poopsie!! I feel so sorry for you I do!! But Lil Girl is right, it will all be ok, but 1,000$$$ ouch!! Do your taxes asap!!