Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Comings and Goings

What's going on in this Faithful house? Oh, just the usual. 3 days of dance in the evenings, 2 school club meetings (which means I get to sit in the pick up line twice on those days!), room mom duties, etc., etc. This year I'm striving for balance. Last year was a whirlwind with so many weddings to do and other work obligations that I just want "balance" this year. I want to focus on me a little bit. I want to have one holiday weekend that doesn't include a wedding! (I somehow managed to schedule lots of those last year!) I want to work out. Yes, I want to work out. My motivation there is that I will indeed be walking in another 3 day this year (more on that to come!). I want to have time to organize my house. I want to take a spontaneous trip or two. I want to spend some time with my friend family that I have neglected this last year. I still want to rock out a wedding or two, but just make it more balanced with all the other aspects of my life.

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