Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

There's so much I'm wishing for right now I thought it'd be fun to put some down to actually read out loud.

1. I wish, more than anything, for more energy right now. No, make that exhausted. I feel like my last few weeks being Mommy to the just the Lovely Ladies is going down the drain because I don't have enough energy to muster to go out and be the all fun Mommy. It makes me sad.

2. I wish all our house projects would just magically complete themselves.

3. I wish time would stand still for just a weekend. I want to just have time to stare at my girls and memorize their sweet faces. I want to have a date night with Hubby and not feel like it is taking time away from something else I should be doing. I want to cuddle at home with my sweet family and watch movies and eat popcorn and listen to the music of their laughter.

4. I wish the hospital to change their visitation policy before November 5th. Currently, due to the flu, they are not allowing anyone under the age of 19 to come up on the floor. I am NOT happy about that at all. My issue is that the criteria to visit is based off of age and not a general health assessment. Who's to say that the new grandma coming to visit in the room next to me isn't hacking like crazy and has been suffering from flu-like symptoms? We all know people like this and it's not age related at all. Explain to my 3 year old why she can't come and see her Mommy or the new baby brother/sister that she has been trying to come to terms with meeting.

5. I wish the money tree would sprout in my back yard. Enough said.

6. I wish the anxiety that I feel like I am drowning in would wash away.

7. I wish I could find a super cute haircut that wouldn't require a lot of "work" right now.

Is that too much to wish for?

eta: Crap! Tells you how tired I am...I really thought it was Wednesday!

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southerncollegegirl said...

LMAO! You're prego and have two little ones to keep up with, you're allowed to be mixed up on the days of the week!

Oh, and may all your wishes come true! :)